BPE challenge of retrofit, from initial surveying through modelling solutions, installing measures and managing the asset into the future.

To meet our targets for reducing carbon we have to focus on the homes we’ve already built as well as the ones we’re building now.

Our existing homes pose a particular challenge because of the way they’ve been built, the materials used in building and the limits they place on retrofit potential. We need to learn how to apply the techniques and tools of building performance evaluation (BPE) if we are to maximise this potential.

This webinar will look at the particular BPE challenge of retrofit with timber, from initial surveying to understand the opportunities to insulate, ventilate and heat, through modelling solutions, installing measures and managing the assets into the future – so the retrofit both raises and maintains the performance of the building. It will include contributions on measuring existing building performance, modelling and designing interventions and how to deal with moisture – one of the biggest risk areas in retrofit.


Audience: Housing development and asset management professionals, architects, surveyors, students

Format: Online (via Zoom)

Speakers: Richard Jack (Build Test Solutions), Hannah Jones (Greengauge), Toby Cambray (UCL/Greengauge),  Diana Waldron (Woodknowledge Wales)


10.00    Introduction – Diana Waldron (Woodknowledge Wales)

10.10    BPE practical steps for retrofitting projects: Measuring the “before” and “after” interventions: Case studies – Richard Jack (Build Test Solutions)

10.30    Practical and technical challenges of Retrofitting: Building survey and simulation case studies – Hannah Jones (Greengauge)

10.50    Moisture Risks in Retrofit: Focused on the use of Timber – Tony Cambray (UCL / Greenguage)

11.10    Q&A

11.30    Close

This event is part of Trawsnewid Menter Pren | Transforming Timber Enterprise – an event series providing inspiration, knowledge and skills for a zero-carbon built environment.

The transformation to zero carbon creates new and exciting opportunities for both business and skills development. Our aim in this series of expert led events is to inspire organisations in general and young people in particular to better understand and embrace the opportunities presented by the rapid transformation to a zero-carbon built environment. These ‘how-to’ events cover essential aspects of both new build and retrofit, and major on the better understanding of the use of timber products and the forests from which they are produced.


This event is free to attend but you must register via Eventbrite HERE.

Event details

Date: 21/06/2022

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am