Is tree planting and timber production a viable option for your farming business?
How to crunch the numbers.

Are you considering investing in tree planting on your farm? Are you thinking of growing trees with a prospect of producing and selling timber? Are you looking for information for how this might fit within the finances of your farming business?

Adoption of a timber production enterprise within a farming unit represents a change in land use and a long-term investment of land, labour and resources. This webinar introduces standard methods for financial evaluation of such an enterprise compared to other economic land uses.

Tree planting projects can take a number of forms, from planting steep areas or wet corners of a farm to integrating timber trees with agricultural production or establishing plantation woodlands. Some projects such as commercial plantation woodlands have the potential to produce quality timber products alongside diversifying farm incomes and providing other environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration and flood risk mitigation.

This webinar provides practical information for farmers and other landowners interested in investing in tree planting. It is designed to help develop a first understanding of economic evaluation of such projects.

Presented by former land agent and forestry economics expert Dr Ashley Hardaker (Bangor University), the event aims to enhance confidence in decision making. By illustrating the basic steps involved in the assessment of tree planting projects it allows participants some preliminary due diligence when considering such an investment. This does not replace a full assessment and advice by a chartered forester.

The content of this webinar is based on our series free guidance notes on Investing in Afforestation. Find all publications here:


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Wednesday 12th January 2022: 18.00 – 19.30

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Date: 12/01/2022

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm