Cardiff school of Art & Design (CSAD) at Cardiff Metropolitan University are proud to be the first University member of Wood Knowledge Wales for the benefit of our students and staff. CSAD works across a number of design, making and science disciplines, including the built environment and craft practices. Staff are engaged in the development of world-leading research and meaningful collaborations with industry, public sector and community organisations, and regularly work with a wide range of external partners to share and develop new ideas, services, products and opportunities.

Through the use of innovative and participatory and scientific research methods and a collaborative approach to working with external partners, our staff use their art, design and science expertise to respond to challenges across a wide range of fields. This includes healthcare, wellbeing and vision science, to innovations in new technologies, exhibition practice, and the sustainable and resilient performance of new and existing buildings. There are a number of our research groups which are aligned to Wood Knowledge Wales ethos, including the Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment (SuRBe) group, led by Dr John Littlewood, FAB-Cre8 led by Ingird Murphy, and the FabLAb led by Martin Lane. SuRBe staff from Architectural Design & Technology, Product Design, and Environmental and Public health disciplines work together to undertake, supervise and manage projects that are centered on the creation (design, construction or retrofit), inspection, preservation, testing and improved performance of the Built Environment and Landscapes, from a sustainable and resilient perspective. In addition, to investigating the impacts of the Built Environment and Landscapes upon the comfort, energy use, health and wellbeing of people.

FAB-Cre8 is a multi-disciplinary research and enterprise group based in Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Driven by an interest in emerging technologies, FAB-Cre8 works in conjunction with FabLab Cardiff bringing together academics from across the university who engage in a range of research projects working with digital fabrication processes, physical computing, IOT and material investigation applied to a broad range of art and design contexts.

FabLab Cardiff is a creative space which enables people to make just about anything and prototype ideas for real world events. FabLab focuses on digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting, as well as the “Internet of things” which connects everyday objects to the internet. Equipped with the latest in digital manufacturing technology that can be used by designers, developers, as well as companies and other organisations.

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Dr John Littlewood   and  Ingrid Murphy

For more details about working with us please contact Richard Morris

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