Clifford Jones Timber are the UK’s biggest manufacturer of wooden fence posts, producing over two and a half million a year, and processing 100,000 tons of timber annually.

The business was founded by Clifford Jones in 1948 and is now run by the third generation of the family with chairman Richard Jones and his sister, Sarah Jones Smith, taking over from their father, Alan, at the head of the company last year.

The Denbighshire-based company’s proud boast is that nothing leaves their Brickfield Lane premises in Ruthin without a bill as they use the wood, bark and all, to make not just fence posts but laminated timber for the construction and leisure industries, gates and dried logs and they provide the residue to make over 25,000 tonnes of pellets and briquettes.

Clifford Jones Timber employs 84 staff, 64 at Ruthin and a further 20 at their plant at Gretna in the Scottish borders.

website: Clifford Jones Timber