Esgair Timber Co. Ltd. is a small company based in rural Mid-Wales, producing a sustainable, quality range of homegrown timber products.

Based in its own forest – Esgair Sawmill was constructed onsite from trees grown on the estate. Using 12 Belfast trusses (a good bit of Victorian design) 24 metres long, with a clear span of 20m covered by a tensioned recycle-able polyester roof, creating a unique and beautiful working environment, and a building with only a sustainable legacy to leave behind.

The sawmill is off grid, so the building design uses as much natural light as possible with localised lighting only over machines and in certain  important areas, whilst the heat from the generators is reused in heating the kiln, office, and staff mess area.

Esgair offer a bespoke milling service – one of the most flexible in the area – and therefore mill to order. The Esgair sawmill can mill beams up to 9.5 metres in length and handles saw logs up to 950 mm diameter.

The products from the forest satisfy the most stringent aspects of a truly sustainable timber production system, aiming to exceed FSC standards.

A number of home-grown species can be supplied across a large product range includes sawn and structurally graded timber, cladding, roofing, flooring, firewood, kindling, briquettes, biomass.

Website: Esgair Timber Co Ltd