Woodknowledge Wales believe that our approach to housing is broken and urgently needs fixing if we are going to stand any hope of meeting our housing, fuel poverty and climate change needs.

Earlier this year Rebecca Evans AM Welsh Government Minister for Housing and Regeneration commissioned an independent review to examine the current policies and practices for delivering affordable new homes. Chaired by Lynn Pamment, the review aims to identify ways of improving the delivery of more affordable housing and at some scale and pace, identifying opportunities for innovation and creativity which can be stimulated, encouraged and supported by all the stakeholders in the process.

Woodknowledge Wales works to promote the use of timber grown and processed in Wales to build homes and has responded to the call for evidence – we believe the Review Panel should know about our work as it points to some important ways in which we can provide home-grown solutions to improving delivery.

We have taken the opportunity of commenting on the review’s purpose: to examine current arrangements supporting the development of affordable housing and to make recommendations for changes designed to increase supply and improve delivery from the resources available. We believe that the current arrangements are broken and need fixing if we are to genuinely produce better quality homes. Our interest is to see a focus on quality before quantity because if we focus on quantity alone, we will fail to address the structural problems which exist in the chain of supply.

See here to read our full response.