Better Homes, Better Wales, Better World. Decarbonising existing homes in Wales.
Report to Welsh Ministers from the Decarbonisation of Homes in Wales Advisory Group. 18 July 2019

Summary of Recommendations:

1. Political parties in Wales should make a strategic commitment to national residential decarbonisation and stick to it

2. The Welsh Government should set ambitious housing targets to meet its ambition of achieving net zero carbon by 2050

3. The Welsh Government should put in place the right quality system and delivery mechanisms across all tenures to help achieve the targets

4. The Welsh Government, working with others, should develop a holistic package of support across all tenures to motivate and facilitate action

5. The Welsh Government should collect data about the status and condition of the housing stock to inform future decisions and measure progress towards targets

6. The Welsh Government should continue to monitor and test new solutions to decarbonise homes

7. The Welsh Government and its partners should make maximum use of communities, networks, associations and Third Sector organisations in helping to decarbonise homes.

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