“Responsible government is not just about delivery in the here and now, vital though it is. It’s also about looking towards the end of the decade and beyond, with a vision of the Wales we want for the future.”

Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales

There is a clear need in Wales for diverse, high quality housing that is not being met. This need is not likely to be met through volume house-building methods. There are also clear and emerging drivers for change, which should prompt legislators and commissioners of housing to engage in broader debate on the nature of new housing. This debate will include the process by which housing should be delivered, the standards it should be built to, and the ways in which performance, affordability and value should be measured. Among these drivers for change are increasingly stringent limits to energy consumption and carbon production, and an increasing public aspiration for quality, in terms of place, design, workmanship, fuel efficiency, longevity and, crucially, affordability.
Analysis of a range of case studies, combined with commentary from expert contributors, concludes that there is no single ‘silver bullet’, but that there is potential for more, better housing through a combination of innovative delivery pathways and construction techniques.

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