The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has adopted a five-point plan on climate change.

RFS says that we can not wait to act on climate change until current rural land support mechanisms transition from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to the Environmental Land Managenment Scheme (ELMS) and its equivalents in the devolved administrations in 2025.

RFS say that much more can be done before 2025 to ensure there is a more supportive environment for woodland creation, that land managers are given greater flexibility on species choice on restock sites and forest soils are better protected. Governments must translate its intention to take urgent action into practical measures that private woodland owners can work with.

The Royal Forestry Society Five-Point Plan:

  1. Put climate change at the core of forest policy
  2. Focus on climate change outcomes
  3. Enforce biosecurity
  4. Provide public funding for delivery of climate benefits
  5. Invest in research and skills

Read the full document here