This Strategy provides an overview of contemporary Scottish forestry, and presents their 50-year vision for Scotland’s forests and woodlands, and sets out a 10-year framework for action.  It places forestry policy at the heart of government.

Concentric rings of different colours illustrating how Scotlands Forestry Strategy fits in with national and iUN strategies and policies.

One of the figures from the report showing how the 50 year vision for forestry in Scotland fits in with the proposed 10 year strategy, key national outcomes and United Nations sustainable development goals

The Strategy is a keystone  for forestry in Scotland, underpinned by new legislation and new organisational arrangements which build on the 100-year legacy of the work of the Forestry Commission in Scotland. It balances the need for long-term continuity and the need for flexibility when responding to emerging issues and opportunities.

The Strategy has the principles of sustainable forest management at its core, including an adherence to the principle of ‘the right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose’. In addition, it recognises the need for better integration of forestry with other land uses and businesses. This approach will enable forestry in Scotland to continue to deliver an extensive and expanding range of economic, environmental and social benefits, now and in the future.

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