Our Mission

Our Mission is the purposeful development of Wales’ forest industries from tree to product to benefit the economy, the environment and the people of Wales. A forest industry that delivers public good.

Far from representing the forest sector itself, we see ourselves as a sustainability organisation that brings together stakeholders across society to achieve a sustainable transformation towards a regenerative future for Wales.

Wood is an essential industrial resource for a sustainable 21st Century society. Wales grows some of the best wood in the world. It has easy access to substantial markets for manufactured timber products. The UK is currently the second largest importer of forest products globally. But the forest and wood supply chain in Wales is under-developed, fragmented, lacks strategic focus and is poorly aligned to deliver public good outcomes.

We aim to oversee a substantial increase in quantity, value, resilience and purpose of the sector, aligned to deliver public good. As such, we aim to increase the number of Welsh organisations and individuals with an interest in the development of forestry and wood using industries in the country. In short, we want to inspire greater ambition to create a renewed wood culture in Wales.

Will you join us in our ambition?