Image from bottom of buildings looking up to blue sky aboveThe world’s largest cross laminated timber (CLT) building is right here in the UK, at Dalston Lane in London,  It is a landmark project of Waugh Thistleton Architects and their ambition to roll out the use of timber construction in high-density urban housing.

The CLT panels are produced using certified timber
from sustainably managed forests in Germany and Austria.  The equivalent of 2325 trees were used to build Dalston Lane. The Austrian and German forests from which the trees were sourced to build Dalson Lane can create the equivalent woody biomass in just 3 hours.

This building is interesting and important because it demonstrates that you can build with cross-laminated timber at scale,” says Andrew Waugh, director of Waugh Thistelton, the architect that designed Dalston Lane. “The notion behind cross-laminated timber development is about urban housing – high-density housing”, he says. “This is a great example of how we can generate the housing we desperately need across London and the UK and how we can build this from solid timber.”

Architects Waugh Thistleton worked in collaboration with Hackney Council and house builder, Berkeley Homes, to design a five storey CLT residential block as part of an ambitious redevelopment plan that will see the whole area rebuilt over 20 years. The objective was to create an exemplar project to encourage adoption of CLT in construction across the site. The 19 apartment block, covering five floors was competed in just five weeks. It is made entirely from CLT from the first floor upwards, with core walls, through to the floors and stairs all made from the material, demonstrating how timber can be used in mass housing.

Multi storey cross laminated timber building during construction showing cranes lifting panels into place Brick faced multistorey building with blue sky behind and traffic in front
Dalston Lane during construction showing CLT panels being installed. Dalston Lane completed with brick cladding.

All the photos shown here are provided courtesy of Waugh Thistleton Architects and taken by Daniel Shearing.  How long will it be till we see something on this scale in Wales?

Link to to formation sheet provided by Waugh Thistleton Architects here for more photos and details.

For more information about CLT can be found on the TRADA and STA websites.