In this report, the Committee on Climate Change recommends a new emissions target for the UK: net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050.

This recommendation is based on the latest scientific evidence on climate change  as well as considering the appropriate role of the UK
in the global challenge to limit future temperature increases. The CCC has built a new understanding of the potential to achieve deep emissions reduction in the UK and made a fresh appraisal of the costs and benefits to the UK economy of doing so.

The CCC has concluded that net-zero is necessary, feasible and cost-effective.

Necessary – to respond to the overwhelming evidence of the role of greenhouse gases in driving global climate change.

Feasible – because the technologies and approaches that will deliver net-zero are now understood and can
be implemented with strong leadership from government.

Cost effective – because falls in the cost of key technologies permit net-zero within the very same costs that were accepted as the
likely costs by Parliament in 2008 when it legislated the present 2050 target.

The full report can be downloaded here.