This was one of the recommendations from our response to the consultation on “Sustainable Farming & Our Land” by Welsh Government which closed on 30 October.

Woodknowledge Wales believes the document “Sustainable Farming & Our Future” is not radical enough. It is an example of last century thinking. We are today experiencing an existential crisis where climate change is the biggest threat to our future generations. As a result, Welsh Government has declared a climate emergency. Woodknowledge Wales fears that the historic opportunity to re-think how we use the land as a key asset in tackling climate change is in danger of being lost. This means radically upscaling and increasing our Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) activities by directly intervening with forest planting and forest management on an unprecedented scale, working with partners to invest money now in a way that maximises CCUS. The consultation document does refer to decarbonisation and carbon capture but we argue that this needs to become a major priority particularly if we consider the history of deforestation in Wales. We need clear evidence-based carbon sequestration and storage planning to maximise CCUS across Wales (in trees, soil and the built environment) and we need an effective mechanism to deliver this. We need to bring the key stakeholders together across the supply chain and agree a radical plan of action. We need to work with landowners, but we must avoid delays caused by bureaucracy, application fatigue, administrative short-comings and lack of resources.

You can read the full response to this consultation here.