“Architects can limit the environmental impact building has on our changing climate using their power as specifiers, they just need to take responsibility and do it”, says Christine Murray in an article published in dezeen on 28 March.  

She goes on to say that while investors are slowly waking up to climate change, according to a recent report by the Urban Land Institute, architects are still daydreaming and few have responded to the crisis.  Murray expresses frustration in architects who have the power, even if they fail to wield it, in the unsexy realm of specification.

Product manufacturers spend millions every year on fancy showrooms, sponsoring architectural awards, free CPD lunches and stands at trade exhibitions: architects hold massive sway over the use of products. Even where the client has the final say, architects present the shortlist of three-to-five types of stone, or toilet…

Yet architects are lazy and unprofessional when it comes to material selection, 70% of architects specify products based solely on personal relationships with suppliers, 57% copy-and-paste their specs from previous projects – the result is an industry stuck on repeat.

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