Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales. Was published by Welsh Government on 21 March 2019. It sets out how WG will meet their first carbon budget (2016-2020). The Plan sets out 100 policies and proposals, broken down by all portfolios, which demonstrate the collective Cabinet commitment to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy in the years ahead.

The Plan outlines the Welsh Government’s approach to cut emissions and transition to a low carbon economy in a way which maximises wider benefits for Wales, ensuring a fairer, healthier and more equal society. Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural  Affairs made clear at the launch that, “this can only be achieved by collective action across Government, business and society.”

The Plan pulls together 76 existing pieces of policy from across the Welsh Government, UK Government and the EU where decarbonisation is integrated either as a direct outcome or a wider benefit. Some of these are new Welsh Government policies which have come on stream since the start of the budget period, such as the Economic Action Plan and Renewable Energy Targets, or revamped policies such as Planning Policy Wales where decarbonisation is now a central pillar.

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