Welcome to the Woodknowledge Wales website. We are a not-for-profit membership organisation, championing the development of wood-based industries for increased prosperity and wellbeing in Wales.

A thriving wood industry is an essential cornerstone of a sustainable society. The sector provides a valuable low carbon resource for industry and rewarding employment for many thousands of people. Well managed woodlands contribute to climate change mitigation, flood prevention, soil health, clean air, biodiversity and enables many forms of recreation necessary for our health and well-being. Using more wood, using more homegrown wood and growing more trees is good for our economy, our environment and our people. Expansion of the forest sector is not simply an opportunity; we believe it to be a necessity. Guided by our collaborative and cross-sector network of members, we seek to inspire a movement capable of leading a dramatic expansion of the forestry and wood-based industries in Wales.




The Home-Grown Homes Project was launched in April 2018 and has been a 33-month timber supply chain development research study. The project has been led by Powys County Council, funded by Welsh Government and the EU Rural Development Programme and delivered by Woodknowledge Wales with Cardiff Metropolitan University, Coed Cymru and BM TRADA. Learn all about it on our Home-Grown Homes Project pages.




Exemplar timber housing projects in Wales

We have created a Google Map to showcase the exemplar timber housing projects that we have worked on in some way over the past few years. We’ve created four layers for you to explore. The Exemplar Housing Project layer contains basic project information. The Whole Life Carbon layer contains data on the carbon impact of those projects for which we have undertaken analyses. The Building Performance layer contains projects where we have undertaken some experimentation into different building performance methods. The Forest Nation Attribute layer attempts to capture the timber story such as the use of innovative products, the use of home-grown timber and the use of Welsh manufacturing.

This map represents our progress to date. We aim to develop this map into a mechanism for recording the progress of our timber development agenda as well as the progress of Welsh housing in meeting the challenge of Net Zero whole Life carbon over the coming years.

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Join our vibrant community. Our activities continue to be focused upon market development, capacity building, technical support and skills provision within the sector. Guided by an expanding and collaborative network of members, supporters and delivery partners, Woodknowledge Wales helps to inspire a movement capable of leading a dramatic expansion of the forestry and wood using industries in Wales.


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