Rebecca Evans AM, Minister for Housing and Regeneration speaking at WoodBUILD 2018 talked about the importance of timber in the construction of housing. She also linked the importance of trees to the Future Generations Act and how they underpin our well-being including prosperity, health, culture and identity.

The Minister also discussed the Innovative Housing Programme scheme and how she would like to see proposals this year that will maximise the use of timber in housing construction.

“I have also asked officials to intensify work with the organisations here today to ensure that materials sourced closer to home – including timber – can form an even more prominent part of the programme next year.”

The Minister went on to discuss the importance of the supply chain in building and retrofitting homes for the future, and increasing the use of timber is key to this. Use of timber in buildings also locks up carbon.

“Next month my colleague the Cabinet Secretary for Energy Planning and Rural Affairs will be launching a consultation looking at the types of action we need to take to decarbonise across society, including the built environment. As part of that we will be setting out how we can encourage and promote increased use of timber in Wales. I very much hope you will all take part in that broader debate to help shape our future policy.”

Rebecca Evans AM finished her speech with a challenge to the audience and sector.

“So, to close, my challenge to you all today is to identify how we might achieve a step change in the use of timber. What more can we do together here in Wales?”

Read the full speech here.