Everyone has an agenda when it comes to trees and tree planting – in Wales this is one of the first areas of attention for the new administration. There’s broad agreement that we need to grow more trees, we have such a poor level of tree cover in the UK, but there’s less agreement on what we should plant and what we want our future woodlands to be for. The debate is often quite polarised. In this podcast Tom Barnes and Andrew Bronwin talk about the impact of the pandemic, climate change, productive woodlands, the role of government and policy, pests and disease, tree species and how we can add value to the timber our woodlands produce.


Tom Barnes
Andrew Bronwin
Tom runs his family business Vastern Timber and recently featured in Wood For The Trees. You can find out more about his work at and Andrew is founder and director of Bronwin & Abbey, Chartered Foresters and Surveyors, located on the Wales / England border in Powys.

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