WoodBUILD 2020 was a series of 90 minute webinars hosted by Woodknowledge Wales and partnering organisations from September to November 2020. The webinars covered topical issues across the timber supply chain from forest management to low carbon, high performing timber frame homes. Grouped under the themes of forestry, manufacturing and housing each webinar included presentations by industry experts which can be found below.

Date Session Title Presentations in Session
25 Sept Productive forests and climate smart woodlands.
What it means for Wales and what further work is needed.
Productive Forests and Climate Smart Woodlands, Lessons from ‘Climate Smart Woodlands in Wales, by Dr Tim Pagella (Bangor University). Open presentation here.
30 Sept Improving Building Performance in Social Housing.
What does better look like and how to deliver it.
Improving Building Performance in Social Housing. What does better look like & how do we deliver it? A Clients perspective by Grant Prosser (Wales & West Housing). Open presentation here.

Case studies from the Home-Grown Homes project on Building Performance Evaluation by Diana Waldron (Cardiff Metropolitan University). Open presentation here.here.

Improving Building Performance in Social Housing. Building Performance Evaluation Guidance by Susie Diamond (Inkling LLP) & Julie Godefroy (Sustainability). Open presentation here.

14 Oct Decarbonising your housing stock. Session 1. How to reduce embodied carbon emissions. Embodied carbon guidance by Jane Anderson (ConstructionLCA) and Katherine Adams (ASBP). Open presentation here.

Measuring embodied carbon – a case study by Eilidh Forster (Bangor University & Woodknowledge Wales). Open presentation here.

20 Oct Technical specifications for zero carbon build solutions. Five technical variations of timber frame build solutions suitable to accomplish zero carbon housing.

Delivering Zero Carbon Affordable Homes: The Brief: James Moxey, Woodknowledge Wales. Open presentation here.

Delivering Zero Carbon Affordable Homes: The Specification, Design and The Fabrics. Rob Thomas, Director, r+m studio. Open presentation here.

6 Nov New kids on the block. The changing landscape of Welsh forest ownership. Who will own and manage the future forests of Wales? What are the business models? Engaging with the private forestry sector. Des O’Toole, Coillte. Open presentation here.


10 Nov
MMC and the Welsh timber frame industry. Introduction to MMC and the Welsh timber frame industry. Gary Newman, Woodknowledge Wales. Open presentation here..
13 Nov Matrix landscapes and sustainable forest management practices. Productive forestry in the context of the climate and biodiversity emergency. Taking silviculture to the landscape scale. Prof John Healey, Bangor University. Open presentation here.