A series of four 60-minute conversations on some of the themes of the Home-Grown Homes Project – Forestry, Manufacturing, Housing and the Foundational Economy. Each podcast features two individuals with a passion for the subject matter and a willingness to share their thinking. David Hedges, Home-Grown Homes Project Manager introduces each podcast and asks the questions.


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Innovation Challenge | WoodBUILD Podcast with Rob Thomas and Matt Stevenson

Rob Thomas and Matt Stevenson are two innovators with a passion for working with timber in all its forms. In this podcast, recorded earlier this year, they join David Hedges for a conversation about why we innovate, collaboration and partnership, ingredients for and tests of success, the curse of the pilot, the role of Government and regulation and a lot more besides. Rob and Matt are keen to work with other like minded people and they offer an open invitation to listeners to get in touch if they have an idea they want to explore.


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WoodBUILD 2020 Autumn Series – Podcasts

Podcasts in our 2020 autumn series include the following themes: Our Future Forests, Future Homes and how we build (or make them), Better performing homes and the foundational economy. Discussants are Jo O’Hara, John Healey, Jasper Meade, Neil Sutherland, Fionn Stevenson, Rob Wheaton, Debbie Green and Steve Cranston.