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Head and shoulders photos of Diana Waldron

Diana Waldron joins the HGH Project

Diana Waldron has joined the Home-Grown Homes Project as part of the research team working at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Diana will be working on building performance assessment using a variety ...
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Ariel view of building site showing internal and external walls but no roof and people working on the site

Home-Grown Homes Project update May 2019

Interest in using more timber to build social housing in Wales is being supported by active research with Powys County Council and a number of housing associations actively developing new ...
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Satellite image of Earth with title over top

Trees, plantation forests and the future of our planet

A message from ‘How to restore our Forests’ narrated by Sir David Attenborough from the film “Our Planet”, a four-year collaboration between Netflix, Silverback Films and WWF. The  importance of ...
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Group three people shaking hands inside a large factory space

Sevenoaks Modular invests £6.5m in timber frame

Woodknowledge Wales member Sevenoaks Modular, a Neath-based specialist in timber frame construction, aims to invest £6.5m in acquiring and regenerating a large part of the metal box site in Neath ...
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Sykscraper sceen with scorched cracked earth in front

It’s time for architects to choose ethics over aesthetics

“Architects can limit the environmental impact building has on our changing climate using their power as specifiers, they just need to take responsibility and do it”, says Christine Murray in an article published in ...
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